Misting fan is a great deals specially in summer days. It can be portable or even hang in your wall to keep you cool and fresh all day long with a fine mist of water where ever you go from your backyard to your business. These patio misting fans are available in different sizes, shapes to personal use or even in heavy duty misting fans.

Misting fans will keep you cool even in environment. During summer days, the heat has never been easier to anyone. But with the help of our products, we are offering you a wide variety of misting fans. No matter what you need, it has a cooling system that will work and perfectly fit for your space.

26 Inches Mist Fan
Blade Dia: 650 mm
Motor: 288W
Effective area: 40m2
Mist spray: 15m
Air flow: 230000L/min
Noise: 68dB
Speeds: 3-90 Degree Oscillation


High Pressure Portable Mist Fan
Size: 24 Inches
Speed: 2- oscilating
High-6400cfm / Low-4460cfm
Voltage/Frequency: 115V Single phase
1/2 HP 1075
Material: Stainless steel 6 nozzles mist ring


Industrial Mist Fan
Power supply: 220V/60Hz
Power: 650W
Airflow: 7300cbm/h
Fan speed: 1500rpm
Weight: 90kg
Water capacity: 70L
Water consumption: 30L/h
Dimensions: 75x700x800cm


26″ Wall Mount Mist Fan
Voltage/Frequency: 220-240/50-60Hz
Power: 230W
RPM: 1400
Airflow: 7500
Noise: 69dB
3 speed with 90 Degree oscillation